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Maximum acceptable weight and dimensions for parcels

You can send as may parcels with the condition that each package to follow the next 4 simple rules :

  • 30 kg - maximum weight per each parcel
  • Dimensions of parcel - sum of 3 sides (length + width, + height in cm) to    not exceed 170 cm
  • use    packing boxes or as per your content - and do not let empty spaces    in the box.
  • Do not fill    boxes only half or three quarters because you will pay and the air    remained in the box - and during transport boxes are stored    one in top of another and it is the possibly for that box if is not filled to be deformed.see Volumetric Formula


We accept packages exceeding the maximum weight or dimensions but then this will be consider cargo overweight or oversize and will be charged according to the rules for these situations agabaritice.

The fee for overweight or oversize is applied as the code of labor and protection both in EU and in Canada which provides for handling and delivery of heavy/oversize packages the need to use additional staff.

VERY IMPORTANT : You are not limited to the total number of packages sent to the consignee.

You can send as many package you want without paying extra costs oversized or overweight if you follow the four rules above.

Minimum payment for delivery

Mimimum weigt to be paid per shipment is 10 kg for the majority of EU countries. Please check conditions for your destination.

One time import charge fee will aply one time only for specific destinations ( Germany, EU 5, EU 6, EU 7 zone ).

The minimum payment is applied to cover local delivery costs at final destination.

Local delivery cost are the time of delivery and the local expenses at final destination for delivery .

Shipment meaning the delivery to one address and for which is made a separate transport document ( bill of lading ).


If you have multiple packages that go to the same address, you will pay for the total weight of the parcels and not individually per box.

How to prepare the parcel:

We recommend any type or size of cardboard boxes - all as strong boxes - whether initially the box was used to transport other products, or if the cardboard box has inscriptions on it.

The boxes can be purchased from U-Haul, Home Depot, Lowes, Staples, UPS, Fed-Ex or for free from shops which they used to transport their own goods and looking to recycle them.

No standard boxes are for definition and can be used any size or shape - accordingly your own personal effects - as long as follow the 4 rules above

Boxes sizes should be as per content of the goods inside. Content to be well stuffed and without air space.

Have adhesive tape to joints and edges (only with transparent tape, the type "duct-tape" silver come away easily). Recommended tape brown - which can be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

Also wrapping packages can be done for additional security.


Indicate on the package (it is enough one clearly marked area)

Name, Address and at least one Phone # of the sender and of the consignee (recipient) .

What else can I use if I don't have cardboard boxes ?

Plastic storage bins or suitcase

For plastic storage bins : pay attention to volumetric formula- click here

Suitcase: You must ensure that label on the bag does not fall off during transport and size label is at least one sheet of paper on both sides of the suitcase.

Pay attention to the fabric surface and adherence of when using the clear tape .


We accept suitcases, but we do not recommend suitcases as packaging for transport.

We transport irregular objects. What do I do?

Any cargo that is transported by sea ,air or truck need to be properly packed.

Goods can not be transported in bulk and must have- label information for sender and recipient.

For irregularly shaped objects please contact us to suggest ways of packaging:


Carpet - run, bent and folded in large plastic garbage bags dark color

Ski-plastic garbage bags dark color

Bike-cardboxes can be buy from bike shops or ask sales representive of a bike shop

ATV -wood box for better protection and better handling.

How do I bring the package for delivery at the office?

Package must be delivered at our office during the colection hours of operation ( check the monthly schedule ). Packages must be sealed and with identification elements (Receiver-sender data label).

This aspect is important to speed-up the delivery-acceptance process and to respect the time of other clients present for delivery.

Free cardboard boxes

We offer to customers free boxes-these are offered to clients to facilitate the purchase packaging.

We offer only one type of boxes which are used to transport about 25-30 kg.

Free boxes are offered to be used for next shipments and not for the present.

Free boxes can be pick-up from our office as per their availability, during our bussines hours.


We do not accept packages to be prepared at our office or in parking lot.

Parcels must be packed by customer at his residence and be brought closed, sealed and with identification label.

Due to the high volume of customers - This is important for speed-up the process and preparation of transport documents and to meet and respect the time of other customers present to deliver packages.

How may I pay

Payment method: Cash or Personal Cheque.

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