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Maritime shipping for January has the following transit data:


Place of activity



Harbor Montreal, CA



All Europe, EU

2018-March -2-10

ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival is 5-6 weeks for majority destinations in Europe after container is leaving the Montreal harbor.

Parcels delivery may be affected by local weather conditions and traffic restricted on certain national and local roads in Europe, especially in villages.

Our couriers strive to deliver all packages on time and quickly.

If you need to find out about the status of delivery, please send an email at with the document Bill of Lading BL #, date ( month of shipment ), country of destination and the receiver name and city in Europe.

We will check with the European courier dispatcher and will reply to you in a couple of days by email.

Thank you and welcome you again for next shipment - see next colections days at warehouse schedule !

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