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CARGO ROMANIA is committed to deliver your items quickly and safely. However, shipments are handled several times during transport. Your shipment to arrive in the best conditions, here are some helpful tips for packing.

Your parcel / package must to meet the following conditions:

-packaging must provide protection against external shocks, movement inside the content, scattering, spillage or other damage that could affect its parcel / package.
- shipments must be packaged securely so that they do not cause damage to other items or hurt person handling parcels / packages.

To avoid such situations,is required:

- Proper packing to protect content, as otherwise may be delays, damage or loss
- use of packaging, in perfect condition, resistant materials, without tearing, cracking, no sharp objects or parts getting outside parcels.
- wrapped all articles separate if necesarry.
- use appropriate cushioning material - eg. bubble wrap
- use a strong tape, designed for shipping - Scotch transparent tape or brown color NOT silver duct tape
- Use a single address label with clear and complete delivery address (full name, full address, telephone number fixed and mobile) and place a copy of the address label inside the package.
- Fill parcel / package completely - DO NOT leave gaps- choose parcel size depending on content. If the boxes are not sufficiently loaded can get deformed and if those are extremely loaded can to open itself and to "pop-out".
- put fragile goods in the center of the package, making sure to not touch the sides. The object must be well insulated from all sides.
- properly packaged gifts. It is possible that many goods sold in attractive packaging may not be suitable for shipping.
- When shipping sharp objects such as knives or scissors, make sure you completely cover edges and tips. It is suitable for durable cardboard. Fix the protective material so well that he is not distant accidentally in transit.
- if you send liquids: All containers should be well sealed to prevent leakage caused by vibration or shock during transport. Wrap container in waterproof materials and if possible, add sufficient absorbent material to absorb liquid in case of breakage. Use dense cushioning material such as foam or corrugated cardboard. Separate bottles with protective material so they do not touch.
- if you send electrical / electronic articles: packaging manufacturer is often designed for commercial purposes and may not be suitable for shipping. Use additional packages depending on size, weight and fragility of the product. Always use strong cardboard boxes, adding protective material around the object.
- if you send furniture: All the pieces of furniture should be packed properly
- if you send a suitcase: it should be mandatory wrapping
- do not exaggerate when sealing package. Remember that all shipments can be opened by customs authorities for inspection.

Do not rely on the fact that the label "Fragile" and "Handle with care" can replace proper packaging. These are just informative.

The most common MISTAKES (WHAT NOT TO DO):

1. Using SILVER duct tape - it comes off the cardboard boxes as you see in the image below:

2. Fill the box / package NOT enough - not totally filled packages during transit - deform and break

3. Using a paper tape - the worst, the paper tape breaks easiest basically offers no resistance

4. Over 30 kg (overweight boxes ) - break because their weights

5. Using raffia bags - not suitable total, they break very easily


Wrap in foil or plastic / paper and use scotch tape all around on all sides; suitcases / bags and plastic boxes MUST be wrapped with foil:

Very fragile or heavy objects packaging is done in a wooden box or pallet:

Packaging Vehicle type: motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile is recommended but not required :

Proper packaging of furniture:

Handling of goods / packages / parcels are done manually both in Canada and Europe. Parcels / packages are placed one above the other and in both storage container and during delivery to destination to Europe.

We can not offer a specific transport position in container for parcels, a certain temperature or special handling.

If you have special requirements (for handling, storage, transport) please contact us in advance .

Customer is the only responsible for ensuring the packaging is adequate for transportation.
Cargo Romania declines any responsibility and can not be held liable for improper packaging parcel.

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