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17 Feb- 4 Mar 2018

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Transport specializat de autovehicule

Va oferim posibilitatea de a transporta in siguranta autovehiculul dvs in interiorul unui container metalic si sigilat.
Incarcarea autovehicului dvs se va efectua in conditii de promptitudine si securitate maxima de catre angajatii nostri profesionisti.
Putem asigura transportul autovehicului dvs din orice oras al Canadei catre depozitul nostru central din Toronto pe cale feroviala.
Odata introdus in container, autovehiculul va ramane in container pana la punctul final de destinatie.
Puteti opta pentru asigurare pe timpul transportului care va ofera protectie si "piece of mind" in timpul calatoriei.
Posibilitati transport:
Regim combinat
• Va putem asigura transportul autovehicului dvs pe ruta Toronto - Bremerhaven Germania in regim combinat impreuna cu alte autovehicule in container (2 - maxim 3 autovehicule in functie de gabaritul lor)
Timp de tranzit maritim 8-9 zile.
Regim complet
• Inchirierea completa unui container personal de 20 respectiv de 40 va permite posibilitatea de incarcare pe langa a autovehicului si a altor bunuri personale in interiorul masini si de asemenea este permis sa se foloseasca si umple spatiile goale in interiorul containerului.
Acest tip de transport se poate efectua pe ruta Toronto - Constanta Romania.
Timp de tranzit maritim 30 de zile.
Costul de transport difera in functie de tipul de masina, destinatia finala a autovehicului.
Pentru o cotatie a transportului dvs. va rugam folositi formularul de contact.
Nume prenume
Adresa email
Oras plecare
Oras sosire
Data estimativa
Marca masina
Tip masina
An fabricatie
Alte detalii
Va rugam introduceti codul de securitate afisat

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How and When do I Pay?
Payment must be received in our offices on or before sailing date. Payment can be made in the form of a wire transfer, money order, and in some cases personal check, or credit card ( credit purchase). Payment must be made to our offices in Toronto,ON.
2. How do I start the Process of Making a Booking or Confirming my Intention to Ship?
Initially you will make an inquiry by submitting some required information. We will respond with a price and offering you options, when applicable. You will respond on our website information with your full details as required in the format and we will make the booking and advise you by return email, where and when to take the vehicle or in the case of your vehicle being collected from an address or dealership, who the trucking company will be. Perfect instructions will be provided to you on confirmation.
3. What is required to ship my vehicle?
1. An Original Certificate of Title of Ownership without a Lien is required to ship your vehicle. ( no copies) to all International destinations. A Bill of Sale is sometimes required. 2. In the event of the vehicle being Used or Pre -owned the existing Certificate of Title can be endorsed by the seller to the new owner. No Sales Tax is payable to the dealer and proof of Shipping will be given to the dealer, by us, so as to keep him protected against paying Sales Tax. A Bill of Sale is sometimes required. 3. In the event of there being a Lien on the vehicle, permission in the form of a Original Letter together with 3 certified copies of the Certificate of Title must be obtained and presented to the customs office. A Bill of Sale is sometimes required. 4. When a new vehicle is purchased, an Original Certificate of Origin must be obtained from the Dealership who sold you the vehicle in order for us to get Custom Clearance. A Bill of Sale is required.
4. What are port and clearance charges?
These are offloading and documentation fees charged by the destination country. Each country differs. Container offloading fees are more than Roll on Roll off fees, usually double.
5. Will there be anybody to assist me when my vehicle arrives?
Yes, we have clearing agents at all ports that can assist you, but you can do the clearing yourself if you choose.
6. Do I need insurance to travel on the roads in foreign countries?
Yes, insurance can be bought at the port of destination or you can arrange it prior to pick up of your vehicle with an insurance company of your choice.
7. Do I need a driving license in a foreign country?
You should get an International Drivers License from the CAA Automobile Association in your area, however your Canadian Drivers License will suffice in Europe. You can drive on your Canadian Plates in a foreign country until they expire, when you will be required to renew your plates in the country of residence.
8. Can anybody pick up the vehicle?
You can nominate any person to pick up the vehicle, but you must advise us, so that we can enter their name as the receiver. They will be required to identify themselves as well as produce the Title of Ownership or Letter of permission to ship vehicle.
9. Do we provide Marine Insurance?
Yes, we do. There are two types of Insurance.
a. Total Loss: You will be covered for the full amount that you choose to insure for with 500 $ deductible, in the event of the boat sinking, theft of the vehicle at the ports on either end or any permanent loss to the vehicle while in our possession. This does not cover any minor damage. 2 % of the value you wish to insure the vehicle for.
b. Full Cover-All risk insurance : This covers you against the above and any dents or damage or loss to part of the vehicle while in our possession. This does cost more and also has a deductible of $500.00. 3 % of the value you wish to insure the vehicle for. NB. Vehicles that are older than 10 years will not be able to be covered under this policy. They will still qualify for Total Loss Insurance.
10. Am I able to load my car with personal possessions?
If you are shipping your vehicle in a shared container, you will be permitted to pack goods into the car. These goods are sent under your own risk and cannot be insured. If you ship your vehicle in a container on its own, you can pack the vehicle and the container with your goods. These can also be insured at 6% value.
11. How to avoid moss?
Shipping containers, which are not airtight, are subject to changing weather patterns. This can result in moss growing on your upholstery. To avoid this, we suggest you cover your seats with a sheet or cloth.
12. Should I remove my plates and Tags from my vehicle before shipping?
When your vehicle is not containerized, we suggest you remove your plates and tags when dropping off your vehicle at the port. You can replace them when picking up your vehicle.
13. Are you able to guarantee delivery dates?
Most times we are able to give you expected arrival dates, but sometimes due to custom delays or ships canceling their departures or in the event of there not being enough freight available for consolidated shipments, delays can occur. However, we are usually on target. No refunds or deductions in price will be entertained due to these reasons.
14. Do I pay import duties and taxes?
Please note that returning citizens or foreign buyers may be subject to import duties and taxes. Each and every country has different laws so we urge you to contact the embassy of the country concerned to clarify matters. We will be available to advise you on some countries.
15. What level of gas should be left in my tank?
Please keep your gas tank at 1/4 of a tank or less. For safety, full tanks will be emptied.
16. What is a customs clearance broker?
A customs clearance broker is capable of passing your vehicle through the formalities of the country of destination. We suggest you employ their services to make it easier for you. Depending on the country, we can sometimes direct you to the contact information

Testimonials de la clienti care au trimis masini catre Europa

Am avut ocazia sa angajam serviciile Cargo Romania in citeva ocazii: servicul de coletarie si transport maritim in container.
Multumiri speciale pentru Dl.Pirjol, si colaboratorilor sai din Canada si Germania, pentru profesionalismul si corectitudinea cu care au actionat, in transportul si livrarea autoturismului nostru din Canada in EU.
Desi sceptici initial, pentru ca nu este un process usor pentru "omul de rind", Cargo Romania, a aranjat totul, de la preluarea in Canada pina la livrarea in EU, intr-un mod prompt si profesional.

Agentul de preluare in portul din EU, a continuat procesul de primire si vamuire al autoturismului finalizind livrarea in aceeasi maniera. In plus, ne-a asistat in continuare, in procesul de convertire al autoturismului, conform standardelor EU, in vederea inmatricularii in Germania.
Dl.Pirjol este usor de contactat, foarte flexibil, onest, dedicat clientilor.

Si de asemena, foarte important, colaboratorii dinsului sunt de aceeasi calitate profesionala.
Bazat pe experienta noastra, recomandam cu incredere serviciile Cargo Romania.
Multumim, si mult succes in continuare!

Lucia Pruteanu
Toronto-Septembrie 2016

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